Obsessions: French Macarons

Sweet and delectable… these are my new favorite dessert. I talked about these for forever and a day to Harry. His first thought was “You want to go to a bakery to try macaroon cookies you can get in a grocery store?” I said, “No. Not maca-ROONs. French Maca-RONs. Big difference.” I went to yelp, typed what I was looking for and found the Sweet Lobby at Eastern Market. O-M-G! They were the most amazing little cookie we’ve had in awhile. We went back TWO weekends in a row after that. We make it our mission to try new flavors (there are so many), but we always get Hazelnut Praline Salted Caramel (my favorite) and Pistachio (his favorite). They’re the new cupcake!

I really want them at the wedding. Maybe as favors? I don’t know, but someway somehow I need them there. If only I could find a place in Kansas City that makes them.


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