The List: Wedding Movies

A few of my favorite wedding movies… in no particular order.

1) My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Everything that you don’t want to happen to you when planning your wedding is all wrapped up in this plot. Overbearing family interfering in your planning: ugly bridesmaid dresses with ugly matching earrings that your cousin found, misspelled invitations that your mom ordered, awkward engagement parties with the future in-laws, and to top it all off a giant pimple on your wedding day. The works! Opa!

2) The Wedding Planner: Little known fact – I watched this movie every night for a month just to see Matthew McConaughey. Yes, it was that serious for me. Don’t judge me.

3) Bridesmaids: I laugh at just the thought of this movie. The first scene that pops into my head when I think about this Bridesmaids? Designer dresses + food poisoning and the runs = pure comedy… enough said.

4) The Best Man: One of my favorite wedding movies from a guy’s perspective with a great cast (Can we say Morris Chestnut?!) and a little bit of added scandal and betrayal. The moral of the story… If you’re the best man, never write a book about skeletons in the bride’s closet.

5) My Best Friend’s Wedding: Oh come on, who wasn’t rooting for Jules to break up that wedding? I know I was! She was the worst Maid of Honor ever… and I loved it! I’m glad I’m marrying my best friend.

6) Father of the Bride (The 1991 remake with Steve Martin): A penny-pinching father who’s having a hard time letting go of his little girl… sounds familiar. No, I take that back, my father’s ready to give me away at this point. Secretly, I really just like watching Martin Short and his over the top shenanigans in this movie.

7) The Wood: A groom gets cold feet two hours before his wedding and as his groomsmen retrieve him, they reminisce on growing up in Inglewood, California. The 80’s childhood flashbacks make this movie hilarious! Ex-girlfriends, high school dances, and tic-tacs.

8) Runaway Bride: I can’t see Richard Gere with anyone other than Julia Roberts, just like I can’t see Tom Hanks with anyone other than Meg Ryan. They just mesh well to create the perfect love story; add a wedding or two or three and it’s gold!

And although it’s not a wedding movie…

9) Coming To America: Okay, I really just threw this one in because it’s my favorite movie and it includes my favorite wedding scene ever. Her train as she walks down the aisle? Swoon. And his face when he removes the veil? Priceless! That’s the look Harry should have on his face when I come down the aisle. *wink wink*


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