Oh… The Pressure!


Two weeks ago, I read over three different wedding planning timeline lists and immediately began freaking out. “We’re so far behind!” I said to Harry. I began rattling off a checklist of all the things we should’ve had done weeks and months ago.

We should have a band!

We need to find a cake bakery!

When are we going to have time to fly to KC to taste cake samples?

Where are our out-of-town guests going to stay?

We need hotel accommodations! “NOW!” I demanded of Harry. He, of course, not fazed by anything I said tuned me out and told me, “I’ll call the hotels. Don’t worry, I got it.” Did that put my mind at ease? Most certainly not.

I’ve pinpointed the source of the stress: set timeline lists. Only when I look at these lists do I suddenly go into panic mode and start the crazy talk. First things first, those lists are not “one size fits all.” Some people can plan their perfect  wedding in five months and some can plan theirs in three days. Everything on those lists is not for everybody.

Sure, hiring someone to do uplighting for our reception would be great, but do we absolutely need it? Probably not. Do we really have to fly all the way to KC to do a cake tasting? Not at all. I trust that a professional cake bakery knows what they’re doing. It is their job after all. If the out-of-town guests are flying to KC for our wedding, I’m sure they will find a hotel room (whether they use our suggestion for accommodation or not).

I’ve decided I’m only going to look at these lists as a reference to what may need to be done for our wedding, but I’m not going to force myself to follow the exact dates printed. I’m trying to turn off the perfectionist part of my brain and just go with the flow. Who cares when it actually gets done as long as it’s done. The point is that the task is scratched off my wedding to-do list.


3 thoughts on “Oh… The Pressure!

  1. Alya my daughter is getting married July 6 and we have looked at some of the places in KC and would share with you if you are interested. You might want to plan a trip when there is a bridal show in KC where all of the venders will be. You may want to talk to my daughter. Her email is annell.johnson@gmail.com

  2. Where will the wedding be and I can send you some hotels that are close. You can get a reduced rate if you start early.

    • Hi Dr. Johnson! Thank you! That would be great! I pretty much have all of my vendors lined up now. I just need someone to make the cake, and probably a dj or band. My maid of honor has gone to some of the bridal shows in KC and sent me all the info. She’s been such a life saver! I’ll definitely be emailing Annell about those hotels. There’s some sort of convention going on the weekend of our wedding so a couple of the hotels we’ve contacted already have said they can’t really offer us any special rates. We’re trying to get these rooms reserved asap!

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