Confusions: Grape = Blue = Purple = Royal Blue?

“Grape”: When I hear that word used to describe a color, I immediately think some variation of purple; dark purple to be exact.

Guess which one they called “Grape”?


That’s right… the one on the LEFT. Whaaa?! But that’s blue! Exactly! At no time did I ever think “grape” would be a name used to describe a royal blue color (or as I like to call it Pepsi can blue.) In fact, the swatch online appeared to be dark purple. Granted, they do warn that colors on the screen may vary from the actual fabric color, but it’s not supposed to vary THAT much! But that’s just what happened when one of the bridesmaid’s dresses was ordered. I instructed her to order the dress in “grape” and it was a bad decision. Thanks to my maid of honor, Jessica, I was able to see some of the dresses the boutique had in those exact colors. Thank goodness the designer let us change the color.

The moral of the story: Never trust online swatches.

Next step? Getting the dresses to their respective bridesmaids on time.


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