Our Story

Ayla Watkins and Harry Jacobs III

How We Met:

Although we went to different schools, Harry and I met while we were in college. I was visiting a church, where he just happened to be a member. I caught his eye and he immediately asked a friend who the “new girl” in church was. After learning that I was from out-of-town and attending school nearby, Harry knew he had to at least introduce himself to me, because he didn’t know the next time our paths would cross.

I approached Ayla and introduced myself. We talked for awhile about our schools, where she was from, and how she liked living in DC. As we finished our conversation and she walked away, I realized I didn’t get her number. I ran as fast as I could down the stairwell to meet her outside before she got off the elevator. Success. She walked out the door and I asked if she was on Facebook. She said yes and that same day I added her as a friend. Two days later, she sent me a message and the rest is history.

First Impressions: I thought Ayla was pretty and looked really sweet and polite.

I thought Harry was cute, but probably taken already. When he approached me, I figured he was just the youth president trying to get my contact info.

First Date: Without a car I was limited to only traveling to places the DC subway system could take me. So Harry promised to take me somewhere the subway couldn’t, Annapolis. BUT, I lived in DC and he wasn’t familiar driving in that area, so we had to take the subway to get to his car.

How He Proposed: Overlooking the fireworks at the Baltimore Harbor as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Day, Harry finally asked me to be his wife. After four years of dating I knew it was coming, but never expected him to do it then!

A long New Year’s Eve of suite check-ins and errands buying her roses, dinner, and her favorite french macarons ended with a bigger surprise. At midnight, she watched the fireworks through the window and turned around to kiss me, but saw me getting down on one knee and pulling out a box. I asked her to marry me and she said, “Of course!”

Our Song: The very first song we listened to together on our first date was “Better Man” by our favorite singer, Musiq Soulchild. It will always be our song.


6 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Ayla, I am so happy for you. You know your mother and I was best friends. She loved you so much. I will be there on your special day.
    Aunt Bea

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