Wedding Party

~Ayla’s Attendants ~


Jessica Townsel: Maid of Honor and Best Friend Extraordinaire. I’ve known Jessica since middle school, but met her long before. She was a grade above me and everyone thought we were sisters. Who knew the girl who got me into trouble with her teacher the first day we met would be my Maid of Honor. She’s most likely to bring me to tears by saying something sweet and sentimental.


Di-Tu Dissassa: Bridesmaid and Kindergarten homie of nearly two decades. From sitting next to each other on the first day of school to becoming co-captains of our high school cheerleading squad… who knew she’d be my bridesmaid someday. She’s most likely to be my background dancer (America’s Best Dance Crew style).


Kiana Dowdell: Bridesmaid and Soul Sister. I’ve known her all of my life as our moms were close friends. A good third of my childhood memories are times I spent at her house. When we were kids, I used to follow her around and do everything she did. She’s most likely to make me come out of my shell and sing karaoke.


Teona Jacobs: Jr. Bridesmaid and favorite little sister. I’ve watched her grow from a 10-year old kid to a teenager over the past 5 years that me and her brother have been together. She’s one of the funniest people I know and most likely to cheer me up and keep me laughing on my worst days.

*Harry’s Attendants *


Westley Thompson, Groomsman: I’ve known Wes since middle school. My football teammate and the friend who always challenges me to do new things and push the envelope. Also a fellow Redskins fan which shows his wisdom in choosing who he associates with and knowing true greatness.


Kevin Foinding, Groomsman: I’ve known him since high school, my football teammate and first college roommate. The braniac, who always kept me on track during freshman year of college. Unfortunately,  he’s a Patriots fan which is probably one of the only mistakes he’s made.


Joseph Gatling, Groomsman: Good friend and roommate while in the police academy. Someone who I know will always have my back and always a good source for advice and encouragement even though he happens to be an Eagles fan.



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